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Biofuel development

A high-level expertise to assist you with your agrofuel project and

innovative agrofuel-related solutions

With 4 billion tons of agricultural by-products wasted each year around the world, agrofuels represent a gigantic energy reserve waiting to be exploited. GreenBuilding adopts a transverse approach to implement the most dynamic, cost-efficient and sustainable projects related to agrofuels in France and abroad.

Deeply involved in the fair recovery of agricultural residues, GreenBuilding draws on its expertise and international network of experts to help you set up and operate the most challenging agrofuel projects.

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With ongoing cooperation agreements in Asia and Europe, GreenBuilding has the power to assist you in engineering your agrofuel solution but also to connect you to key actors, from local governments to industrials and farming communities.

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Thanks to our expertise and exclusive partnerships, we can provide you:

  • High-end consulting services in the design, development, implementation and operation of your agrofuel project;

  • An assistance and support for the industrialisation and commercialisation of your product, tailored to your needs.

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Based on an astute understanding of your needs, we define the best strategy for the implementation of your project, adapted to the local context and regulations for an efficient market penetration.

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We provide the most fitting guidance to meet the challenges of sustainable development in our offer, while making sure to respect your cost and time saving obligations.

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