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Research & Development

Innovate today to develop tomorrow's solution and

strengthen your leadership position!

Awarded the Young Innovative Company status by the French Ministry of Research for the last 7 years, we are actively developing R&D programs with the Indonesian Ministry of Research.


Thanks to our R&D capacity, partnerships and programs, we can support your R&D and innovation programs in the following fields :

  •     Eco-building materials,

  •     Agrofuels,

  •     Sustainable urban design,

  •     Social and economic model,

  •     Circular economy.

We can manage your R&D and innovation programs with the highest level of confidentiality in the following activities :

  • R&D project management and new product development,

  • R&D financing scheme through the company's CSR, grants or tax incentives,

  • R&D partnerships and access to our networks,

  • PhD and international academic programs.

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