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A building to teach and to learn

Market leader with many references of schools, colleges or universities in France and abroad, GreenBuilding has a transversal approach to define and design within the client's budget a building where teaching and learning experience can be improved through an high air quality to boost concentration, a perfect acoustic to listen and be listened to, an high natural light level to maintain high motivation, a good thermal control to provide high comfort and an effective functional flow to smooth the transits between classromms and other activites.

You will find here under some key project references where we can demonstrate that an environmental and energy efficient building can support the teaching and learning performance.  

For more information and references, please contact us.

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International School - Jakarta - Indonesia

Lycée Français de Jakarta - LFJ

800 students - GFA 15500 m2 - Delivery : stand by

Feasability study - Budgeting - pre programming

Envrionmental and Energy strategy

The existing LFJ  in Cipete can not be extended and will have to be partially demoslihed at mid term as the province of Jakarta DKI will build a new road.

Different potential lands have been analysed to see how to integrate in a sustainable manner the new LFJ with the objectives to have a high environmental campus able to deliver to 800 students pedagogic excellence from the kindergarden to the high school with all facilities as restaurant, swimming pools, gymnase, soccer field, or auditorium.  The feasibility study and pre programming has been developed to provide the best quality of life to the students and professors. The urban context has been analysed to guaranty the safety and a smooth access to road or futur public transportation.

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University - Cergy - France

University of Cergy 

GFA 4200 m2 - Delivery 2014

Envrionmental Strategy - Programming - Global cost

The University of Cergy built its main buildings 9 years ago and it appears that this existing infrastructure is not functional, has a poor energy performance, is not built at the right quality standard., and has a poor visual comfort. To avoid the same mistakes and extend the university with an exemplary environmental building, a dedicated programming with a global cost approach and an environmental strategy has been developed. 

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Zero Carbon Training Center

Lake Toba - Indonesia

PT Indo Cafco

50 students

Envrionmental and Energy concept and design

The design has been developed to reach a zero carbon building through a bioclimatic architecture and using solar heater and photovoltaic panel. The design reaches a very high natural lighting level and a constant thermal comfort during all the yearlong day and night for the benefice of the students and residents. 

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eur 2.png

Middle School - Eure - France 

General Council of Eure

600 students - Delivery 2017

Envrionmental and Energy Strategy and programming

HQE environmental certification scheme 

The General Council of Eure has initiated a program to upgrade the middle schools with renovations, reconstructions, and the development of new colleges. In this context, the Marie Curie middle school in Pont Audemer has been desmolished to be rebuilt with high target in term of energy performance and quality of work. 


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Montr 2.jpg
Montr 1.jpg

Primary School and Recreation Cente

Montreuil - France

City of Montreuil

GFA 1200 m2 - Delivery 2018

Envrionmental and Energy concept and design

In order to achieve a low carbon design, energy modelling and natural lighting modelling have been used to support the design process of this passive building. Materrials are eco materials. The building meets the following standards: Effinergie+, Passive House, Low Carbon building and ,the label Biomaterials. 

nois 1.png

New Education center & Urban Renewal

Noisy-le-Sec - France 

City of Noisy-le-Sec 

GFA 7000 m2 - Delivery 2020

Feasability Study - Programming

Project Managment - Envrionmental srrategy

The existing Education center Paul Langevin is not well connected to the city and is vetuste. The objective of the project is to destroy and rebuild a new Education center to have a a high performance buildiing in term of education and environmentaly, maintain the teachinh activity during the project, connect the center to the city, finance the project with land management 

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roq 1.jpg
roq 3_edited.png
roq 2.png

Kindergarden - Roquemaure - France

City of Roquemaure 

GFA 840 m2 - Delivery 2017

Envrionmental and Energy concept and design

Through an effective dialogue with the city, the teachers and the architects, GreenBuilding has developed an energy plus building with a bioclimatic architecture and eco materials as wood structure, straw insulation or green roof. This building reaches the BDM (Mediteraean Sustainable Building) Gold certification level both in terms of design and construction.  

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