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Green Building programming

Assess the budget and guaranty the feasibility of your project,

before the first sketches!

GreenBuilding has developed a high-level consulting expertise in project programming and management to support its clients in their most strategic and complex building projects.

Based on an acute understanding of your needs, we define the right functions with their right dimensioning and functional flows. This critical step guarantees our clients a project development in line with their expectations, leading to time and cost savings during the design and construction steps.

GB Programing-surface study.webp

We conduct comparative feasibility studies, with a global cost approach and a construction scenario to put our clients in the best position to make the right decision supported by the right information. 

Once a building scenario and construction strategy are validated:

  •     we detail the technical specifications;

  •     we guide the design team to design as decided;

  •     we assist the construction team to build as designed;


These steps are taken to meet our client's expectations in terms of needs, time and costs savings.

GB Programing-diagram.webp
GB Programing-graph cost analysis.webp
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