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Projects with high added value for industry builidings

In the industrial sector, the focus is usually on the product, as it defines the performance of your facility.


Along the years and through several projects with industries (textile, ceramic, food related, etc.), we have come to understand how to improve and optimize your production capacity, to help your reach your targets and increase your business profitability. 

Our tailor-made solutions aim to maximize the potential of your business: by optimizing your processes and systems and reducing your costs of production per product developed.

You will find below a few references of our past projects in the Industrial sector.

For more information and references, please contact us.


Bawen – Indonesia

Denmarks development coorporation

Project delivery 2015

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs – System Performance Review

AIC is the biggest integrated weaving and spinning factory in the world at a single location. The Energy Audit carried out at their factory in Bawen, near Semarang, aimed to reduce the facility costs of operation through an in-depth analysis of the humidification and ventilation system, pumps and motor operation management, as well as the power transmission throughout the plant.


Yakult Indonesia – Sukabumi – Indonesia

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Project delivery 2016

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs – Green Chiller – Natural Refrigerant

The plant produces fermented milk beverages, with an average daily production of 3.5 million bottles. The cooling system assessment carried out at Yakult Indonesia, located in Sukabumi, was the opportunity to review the operation of a process cooling system. By measuring the different plant equipment, analysing their performance and observing their control and operation, solutions were suggested to reduce the chiller plant operating cost by 30%.

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Pekalongan – Indonesia

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Project delivery 2015

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs

Pismatex was established in 1972, in Pekalongan, Central Java. It adopts modern technology to produce various products under Gajah Duduk brand. The Energy Audit carried out within its facilities, allowed identifying several Energy Savings Opportunities (ESO), both of electrical or thermal aspect, which would allow to reduce the plant costs of operation by more than 250,000 USD per year. These energy savings opportunities have been identified through a complete assessment of the different production processes that take place within the facility.

gadjah duduk logo.png

Industrial laundromat

Barcelona - Spain


GFA 5000 m2 - Delivery 2018

Energy modeling and aeraulic optimization

The Elis group commissioned GSE to design and build an industrial laundromat in Barcelona. As part of the performance contract between Elis and GSE, it is contractually imposed temperature conditions at certain workstations.
After the initial design, the customer imposed the installation of an additional air extraction system, in order to evacuate the flocks. These high flows can call into question the design of the heating / cooling system and the comfort conditions at the workstations.
GreenBuilding evaluated the impact of the proposed solutions to offset the effects of the additional air extraction system on the actual comfort level.


Water bottling factory - Indonesia

Aqua, Danone - 

All factories - Delivery 2015

Environmental and Energy Audit - Recommendations 

Eco-factory development plan

As part of the development of its activity in Indonesia, AQUA is facing a growing demand for drinking water. As a result, the group is continuously expending its production capacity and building new plants. In the frame of the DANONE’s corporate responsibility and as part of the AQUA’s founder philosophy, AQUA is committed to run a responsible business model for the communities and environment.It is thus essential for AQUA to improve the sustainability performance of its production plants. Therefore GreenBuilding developped an Eco-factory development plan with recommendations and specifications to be used both for improvement of the existing factories and design of the new factories in order to make important savings.  


National wholesale trading centre

Paris - France

Rungis Marché International 

20 Cold halls of 300 000 m2 - Delivery 2015

Energy Audit and Recommendations

The national wholesale trading centre of Rungis, Paris is the largest market for fresh produce in France. With 232 ha, 720,000 m² of buildings, it can host 1,400 wholesalers. The major energy and environmental problem is based on the requirement to keep the halls and storage cells at a constant temperature between + 6°C and - 22°C.

GreenBuilding was in charge to identify and implement levers to reduce energy consumption at the same level of service. These levers affect driving, operation, maintenance, investments, buildings, ...


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