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Proxima V
Paris - France

CFC Développement
GFA 6500 m2 -
Delivery 2019

LEED certification studies and management 

CFC Development is a private developer with a specific approach:

• After construction, CFC Développement keeps ownership and runs its properties for a long time. This approach calls for a global cost vision for the project, as well as a strong adaptability of the premises.

• SWC Développement has a long-standing environmental orientation. The HQE or BBC types of standards are a classic package that the company has experience with. Wishing to go further in the environmental department, CFC Développement aimed for a Gold-level LEED certification for its Parisian project. This goal was a challenge that required addressing topics the HQE does not cover (e.g. biodiversity) and adapting to US standards where the LEED certification originates from. GreenBuilding handled the technical studies required for the LEED certification (i.e. dynamic thermal simulations, daylight factor, indoor air quality, etc.) and managed the entire certification application process, as well as the communication with the certification body.

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