Eco District Urban Project

French Agency ADEME
Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Social Housing

Semerang -Banjir Kanal Barat: 74 ha -15 100 inhabitants
Yogyakarta – Gajah Wong : 168 ha -15 650 inhabitants
Wonosobo - Asried : 96 ha -4560 inhabitants
Mission : 2016

Sustainable Urban Project - Operational Urbanism

Stakeholder participation - Capacity Building 

In the frame of the cooperation in sustainable urban development between the French Agency ADEME and Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Social Housing, it has been decided to elaborate the Urban project of 3 Ecodistricts as pilot for Indonesia, namely the Ecodistrict Banjir Kanal Barat in Semarang, the Ecodistrict Gajah Wong in Yogyakarta, and the Ecodistrict Asried in Wonosobo. The urban projects have been developed through a strong stakeholder participation with inhabitants and local government. A transversal and operational approach has been used to elaborate the sustainable urban projects, and dedicated Urban Development Tools have been conceived to address the very different urban contexts and scales of each Ecodistrict.