International Contest
Urban and Architectural Design

French Agency ADEME
Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Social Housing
Seruni 3.1 ha - Pakucen 3.1 ha - Organised in April 2018

Urban Concept - Project Management 

Environmental strategy - Capacity Building 

The International  contest in Urban and Architectural Design was part of the program "Rethink the city for a low carbon future" developed in the frame of the program Low Carbon Eco District (LCED). The contest aimed to rethink the urban shape and model to develop new urban shape and architecture to densify city center while preserving the Indonesian social and cultural model. Two areas were selected for the contest : Pakuncen in Yogyakarta and Seruni in Wonosobo. Both areas are slums to be eradicated as part of National program KOTAKU ( city without slums ). The contest has been organised with the support of the French Embassy in a 2 weeks format and has mobilised 60 master students and professors from 5 Indonesian universities ( ITB, UI, UGM, UNDIP, USM ) and 3 French universities (ENSAPB, ENSAS, ENP). The concepts developed during the contest will be diffused through a book.