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Low Carbon Eco District
Yogyakarta & Wonosobo - Indonesia

French Agency ADEME
Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Social Housing
Seruni 3.1 ha - Pakucen 3.1 ha

Urban project - Project Management 

Environmental strategy - Capacity Building

Based on the urban concepts developed during the International  contest in Urban and Architectural Design "Rethink the city for a low carbon future" and as part of the program Low Carbon Eco District (LCED), it has been decided to elaborate the urban proejct and programmes in 2018-2019 of the 2 pilot Low Carbon Eco Dostrcit through a participate approach with the inhabitants of Sureni in Wonosobo and Pakucen in Yogyakarta. The urban programmes will be co-financed through the local governements budget and the KOTAKU national budget to perform the Detail Engineering Detail and tender in 2019 and the construction in 2020-2021.

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