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Urban Program - Financing Scheme

Agence Française de Dévelopement (AFD)
Semerang -Banjir Kanal Barat: 74 ha -15 100 inhabitants
Yogyakarta – Gajah Wong : 168 ha -15 650 inhabitants
Wonosobo - Asried : 96 ha -4560 inhabitants
Mission : 2016-2017

Sustainable Urban program - Financial Scheme

Urban and Operational Strategy

As a follow-up of the 3 urban projects elaborated by the French Agency ADEME and the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Social Housing to develop the first Ecodistricts in Indonesia, the Indonesian Government has decided to allocate 61 M$ under the Bluebook 2015-2019 to co-finance the implementation of the Ecodistrict Banjir Kanal Barat in Semarang, the Ecodistrict Gajah Wong in Yogyakarta and the Ecodistrict Asried in Wonosobo. In order to support this project, the AFD has developed a partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Social Housing as foreign donor under the Bluebook mechanism, and has appointed GreenBuilding as the leader of a consortium with Suez Consulting and Paris Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme to review the urban projects, propose urban and operational strategies, develop urban  programs, and finalise with the 3 cities a 100 M$ co-financing scheme. 

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