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Urban Regulation Review

French Agency ADEME
Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Social Housing
Mission : 2017

Urban Sustainable Development  

Audit and Review - Capacity Building 


As part of the program Low Carbon Eco District, the Indonesian urban regulations at the district scale (RTBL) and at the building scale (PerDaBG) has been reviewed and audited both at the national level (presidential and ministerial decrees)  and local level (local regulations regulations and implementation in Palembang, Sumedang, Wonosobo, Cimahi,Banjar Baru) to assess the urban context, drivers and barriers to develop low carbon urban projects in Indonesia. Based on this review 2 national guides with have issued to help the local government to used, improved and updates their urban regulations to design and implement low carbon solutions at solutiosn in their cities. The recommendations have questioned and disucted at national level thrugh a series of workshop with local governments, professional and inhabitanst.w Carbon Eco District (LCED).  

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