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Projects with high added value for Accommodation & Hotel

Nowadays, the accommodation & hotel market is a challenging market: a lot of demands and expectations by the clients are answered by a lot of offers, at the most competitive prices.

More services and higher levels of comfort are expected by your guests, and that generally translates to enormous building operating costs, and therefore, reduced profit for your business.

GreenBuilding has been perfecting different offers along the year, either for new of existing buildings, to allow building owners providing the highest levels of comforts, to please your customers, with the lowest cost of operation. Our different offers allow you to keep an edge over your competition while maintaining a profitable business.

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Grand Sahid Jaya

Jakarta - Indonesia

Grand Sahid Jaya

721 guest rooms – 5 stars – 1974 // Project delivery 2014

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs – Systems analysis

The Grand Sahid Jaya hotel in Jakarta is a prestigious and iconic 5 stars hotel, with a capacity of 721 guest rooms and that has been built and commissioned in 1974, in the heart of the city. The Energy Audit carried out at the facilities allowed identifying several energy savings opportunities, most particularly on the cooling (chiller plant) and hot water systems. The new energy efficiency measures and designs suggested allowed a great reduction of the building operating costs while improving levels of comfort within the hotel.


Grand Inna Bali Beach

Bali - Indonesia

Inna Hotels & Resort

523 guest rooms – 5 stars – 1965 // Project delivery 2017

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs – Performance Contract

The Grand Inna Bali Beach hotel in Bali is one of the most ancient hotels in Bali, as well as the tallest one. The Energy Audit carried out at the facilities particularly focused on three systems: hot water, cooling and lighting systems.

Our new designs focused on combining and optimizing the operation of both cooling and heating system, with a double set of heat pumps, to improve the performance of both systems. The design suggested allowed the best result for the lowest energy consumption.


Royal Ambarrukmo

Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Royal Ambarrukmo

242 guest rooms – 5 stars – 1965 /2011 // Project delivery 2016

Energy Audit – Systems assessment and review – Benchmark

The Royal Ambarrukmo is a 5-stars hotel located next to the mall from the same name. This imposing hotel has been renovated in 2011, with the additions of new facilities. The Energy Audit carried out at the hotel had the objective of informing the owner regarding the current performance of their building, (following a holistic approach), and to benchmark it against similar buildings. The performance of the main energy users (systems) were also reviewed and several new opportunities for energy savings were identified.

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