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The Company

Green me a Strategy ®, new approach to guaranty a more profitable investment 


Created in 2010 to provide to the market a new approach to build and develop sustainable projects, in a couple of years GreenBuilding has delivered and been involved in the most challenging projects. 

Proposing consulting and engineering services in France and abroad to both public and private sectors, GreenBuilding provides important added value to its customer to define, design, implement and operate the most relevant and profitable solutions.

GreenBuilding through its approach and expertise can dramatically increase the environmental performance of your project while improving the financial profitability of your project through smart strategies, investments and technical solutions with as result an added market value of your constructions as developer, operator or industrial, and an improved image of your company combining business development and sustainable policy

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Project and customer oriented, GreenBuilding based on its expertise, partners network, and team spirit can work on the most complex sustainable projects in the following interrelated fields:

  • Green Building Consulting  

  • Green Building Engineering

  • Sustainable urban development

  • Environmental Certification

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Research and Development

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5, rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris, France

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