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When health requirements meet sustainable solutions

A health building requires high health and hygiene requirements for an already complex project. If you also want to add a sustainable dimension to your project, GreenBuilding is your partner for developing the design and follow up the construction to ensure a high environmental level while taking into account your specific requirements.


GreenBuilding has already been involved in different health building project, with high health and hygiene requirements. You will find here under some key project references. 

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Specialized Hospital - Sens - France

Specialized Hospital Center of Yonne Region

GFA 4500 m2 - Delivery 2018


Project Management

Enviromental concept 

The Specialized Hospital Center of Yonne wants to regroup its entities dispersed in Sens, in a single hospital. Therefore GreenBuilding has been in charge of the project management since the very beginning of the project definition until the construction handover, to ensure that the budget and timing will be met. Also GreenBuilding did develop the program based on the hospital's needs and developped the environmental concept. 


Intergenerational residence

Canohes - France


French Public Office for the Habitat (OPH)

GFA 2000 m2 - Delivery 2015

Environmental and Energy concept and design

The OPH inaugurated in Canohès the first Intergenerational Residence in the region. This intergenerational residence is home to couples, singles and aging people. The goal is to make people respect and care about their neighbors.
Green Building has developed the technical concepts to guarantee a high level of energy performance and to ensure a low and easy maintenance. The regulatory calculation performed by Green Building has demonstrated the performance of this flagship project in the Languedoc Roussillon region.

Villa Mirabeau-illustration.png
Villa Mirabeau-logo.png

Ederly accommodation "Villa Mirabeau"

Pennes Mirabeau- France

Arcade Group

GFA 4700 m2 - Delivery 2012

Environmental and Energy concept and design

HQE Envionmental certification

Coaching and expertise to the general contractor

The Arcade Group has begun a construction operation for a 140-bed accommodation facilities for dependent elderly people in Pennes Mirabeau, France. this is their first operation with a very ambitious environmental commitment. Beyond the achievement of the objectives (costs, environment, ..) the Arcade Group wished to have a strong experience in the conduct of a high-level environmental approach. Therefore this project has become more complex, by associating specific hospital constraints with new environmental requirements.
In addition to its mission of environmental design and HQE certification, GreenBuilding has led a Green pilot project for the Arcade Group, the general contractor and sub-contractors, in order to help them improve their environmental approach.

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