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Public Access Building

To ease and secure the flow and work of ALL people in a building for a sustainable quality of life

Whatever a Public Access Building is for sport, education, office, transportation or socio-cultural activities, a Public Access Public should provide to valid people, but also people as disabled people, old people or pregnant women, the possibility to work, access and enjoy each building functions smoothly and effectively. The building should be dimensionned and designed to host the targeted Public and adapt the design to consider the specific public flow in term of energy efficiency, thermal comfort or air quality. The building could also consider some dedicated designs to secure the people again any terrorist attack. 

You will find here under some key project references. For Public Access Building with Education or Office activites, see the concerned categories : Education, Office & Data Center.  

For more information and references, please contact us.

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orge 1_edited.png

Sport & Multifunctions - Orgeval - France

City of Orgeval

GFA 3000 m2 - Delivery 2019

Programming - Project management

Environmental and Energy Strategy

The city of Orgeval wants to be equipped with a new superstructure for multifunction activitiy. The main activity will be sport with the possibility to host high level competion. The other activity will be more focussed on social and culltural event as music or theatre. 

orge 2.png
Arg 1_edited.png

Theatre - Bezons - France

Collectivity of Argenteuil Bezons

GFA 2800 m2 - Delivery 2014

Energy Audit - Recommendations - Programming

To renovate the existing theatre and achieve a good environmental performance, but also a good acoustic and comfort, a full building and energy audit has been conducted to find the best solutions in terms of performance and ROI.. 

Arg 2_edited.png
ft 1_edited.jpg

Fitness Complex - Paris - France

Confidential client 

GFA 2800 m2 - Confidential Delivery

Energy Audit - Recommendations - Programming

A private investor (confidential) is looking to develop a new and sustainable concept of fitness complex with a very healthy performance and a very low energy consumption within a feasible business model. The study ranges from electrical sport appliances to HVAC, sauna, laundry or hydrothermal comfort. 

gp 1_edited.png
gp 1_edited.png

Future Subway Station - Paris - France

Société du Grand Paris 

Delivery 2030

Energy and Environmental strategy

In the frame of the “Grand Paris” project, the RATP has decided to have a prospective approach to develop the subway concept at horizon 2030. The main objective of this approach was to frame the design of the future subway station to be built around Paris with 3 axes to focus on: (i) to be connected with city and the public transportation (ii) to have high level of public services and commercial services (iii) to have a high-level environmental performance. 

gp 2.jpg
vev 1_edited.png

Cultural Center

Vaulx en Velin - France

City of Vaulx en Velin 

GFA 4800 m2 - Delivery 2014

Environmental and Energy Audit

Recommendations and Programming

The cultural center of Charly Chaplin in Vaulx en Velin is completely multifunctional : danse, show, exhibition, movies, chor, social activies, .. ). Built in the 70’s the building is old and does not meet the needs especially in term of hygro-thermal comfort, acoustic comfort and energy performance. To find the best renovation solutions computer modelling and cost study have been conducted to back up the building audit. 

vev 2_edited.png

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