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Projects: Certification

You will find here under some key project references on Certification

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French Embassy - Jakarta - Indonesia

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

GFA 6000 m2 - Delivery 2014

Environmental and Energy concept and design

HQE Environmental certification - Greenship Environmental Certification

The new French diplomatic campus in Jakarta brings together the Embassy, the Consular Services, and French Cultural Center. This new construction takes place instead of the previous French Embassy and suceeds to preserve the last old trees of the main avenue of Jakarta whiile doubling the GFA. First Embassy with the HQE certification, and first Embassy with the GreenShip certification, the design has been developped to be an enviromental demonstrator. 


CAF Headquarters - Strasbourg - France

French Family Allowance Agency (CAF)

GFA 8000 m2 - Delivery 2016


Project management 

HQE certification management

The headquarters of the Allocation Fund Bas Rhin is currently installed in dilapidated premises, which in addition no longer correspond to a tertiary mode of operation with many areas accessible to the public. The CAF decided to build a new headquarters that would meet the expectations and requirements of all users (visitors, recipients, employees. In addition, this building must have a high environmental performance, along with a high level of comfort and quality of life

GreenBuilding Developped the program of the project, based on the client' and users' needs, managed the project from the needs definitions until the handover, and ensured all requirements from HQE certification have been met. 


Proxima V - Paris - France

CFC Developpement 

GFA 6500 m2 - Delivery 2019

LEED certification studies and management 

CFC Development is a private developer that has two particularities:
• After construction, CFC Développement keeps the properties owned and operated for a very long time. This positioning brings two requirements: the need for a vision global cost in project, as well as strong adaptability of premises.
• SWC Development has a long-standing environmental orientation. The HQE, BBC type of objectives are for him a classic "basic".
Wishing to go further on the environmental field, CFC Development aims for its new achievement in the Paris region, a LEED certification, "Gold" level. A real challenge that requires addressing topics not covered by the HQE (biodiversity, ...) and adapt to the specific requirements of the United States, source of LEED and still unknown in France.
GreenBuilding managed the technical studies required for LEED certification (dynamic thermal simulations, daylight factor, indoor air quality ...) and managed the certification file as well as the communication with the certification body.


Terra Verde-illustration.png
Terra Verde-logo.jpg

Terra Verde - Montpellier - France

Denux Group

GFA 5400 m2 - Delivery 2016

BREEAM certification studies and management

The DENUX Group is a Canadian private developer, participating in promotional activities in Montpellier around the following values:
• DENUX is the manager of most of its projects, hence the need for a vision of the overall cost of the project in order to control the operation of the building. Similarly, the adaptability and durability of the structure are primary requirements.
• The Terra Verde project is part of a BREEAM certification process, Very Good level, in order to value the design work and the quality of realization of the project which focuses on the aspects of comfort, quality of life, functionality, sustainability, and control of energy consumption.
• The project owner's vision goes beyond certification and focuses on anticipating the future functional and technical needs of companies when they invest in an office building.
GreenBuilding managed the technical studies necessary for the BREEAM certification (ecological study, daylight factor, indoor air quality ...) and managed the certification file as well as the communication with the certification body.

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