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Green Building Engineering

Green Building 


An unique offer with a dedicated methodology to design and engineer a Green Building with Smart Investments !

Based on its Green expertise, GreenBuilding develops a specific 2 steps  methodolgy for a green design and smart M&E to ensure: 

  • A reduction of your energy consumption and overall OPEX (electricity bills, maintenance, replacement, etc.).

  • A high quality building and higher performance in terms of health, comfort and safety.

  • A high Environmental building for good corporate image and increased building market value.

  • A full control of your building investment costs and CAPEX, through smart investments (envelop and equipment) and by avoiding over-specifications (HVAC, Electrical, ..).

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According to your needs, you can select the specific scope of work for improving your project’s profitability:


1-Building Effectiveness through Green Building Design

“Higher comfort AND lower energy needs”

We conceive, together, your building effectively from the beginning, to reduce your baseline consumption, increase the comfort & health and eventually increase your building effectiveness through:

  • The best design strategy

  • The appropriate architecture

  • An optimized building envelop

  • A Return On Investment analysis

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2-Building Efficiency through Green Building M&E

“Energy savings AND lower operation costs”

GreenBuiiding properly engineers and specifies the systems that need to be installed within your building, to provide the lowest energy consumption with the highest levels of comfort & health, and eventually increase your building efficiency through:

  • An appropriate design and construction for M&E equipment

  • Properly sized HVAC systems

  • The most efficient and performant equipment adapted to your needs

  • A Return On Investment analysis for a smarter decision

Green Building MEP.jpg

3-Our combined offer: Green Building Design & Green Building MEP 

“Higher comfort AND lower costs”

The best solution to design and engineer an Effective and Efficient Building to achieve the highest profitability through the combination of our Green Building Design and Green Building MEP offers.

This way you can guarantee the maximum profitability for your project. 

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