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Projects with high added value for retail buildings

Whether you want to build a single retail building for your business, or whether you run a chain of retail brands, GreenBuilding can design a Green and Smart strategy to help you to optimize your building and to best manage and operate it

Our experts have accumulated a significant expertise and worked on the most challenging and complex projects for the benefice of international recognized brands in France and in Indonesia, with the same target in mind: to provide a high quality building at better costs. 

You will find here under some key project references. 

For more information and references, please contact us.


High efficiency retail store

Jakarta - Indonesia

Decathlon Indonesia

GFA 2200 m2 - Delivery 2017

Project management - Technical Design (architecture, civil, MEP, infrastructure)

Environmental and Energy concept and design

Construction management 

Decathlon, French brand of sportswear, wants to establish itself in Indonesia and to open 100 stores there by 2027. The first store ("first of class") is thus essential for this uncompromising mark on the costs and the deadlines. Green building was therefore selected to ensure the design (architecture, civil, HVAC) and site monitoring of this first store.
This building is also one of the most efficient retail building in Indonesia, reducing its energy bill by 43% thanks to the hybrid cooling system developed by Green building.

GreenBuilding was also in charge of the project management and led the design team to deliver in a short amount of time the first store in Indonesia. 


Renovation of luxury retails



562 stores, 262 beauty Institute


Project management for reovation of all sotres and beauty institutes

The Marionnaud brand was historically built by bringing together existing perfumers. The consequences were (1) High disparity in the image of the brand according to the shops; and (2) badly meshed points of sale, ranging from less than 200 m to completely uncovered areas. When the group has been taken over by new investors, they are desired to properly reposition the outlets, and give them all the same look and the same level of quality of service. The mission began with an inventory of fixtures, then an optimal geolocalisation taking into account existing outlets.


ITC Cempaka Mas - Jakarta - Indonesia


GFA 310 000 m2 - Project delivery 2016

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs


ITC Cempaka Mas is one of the biggest commercial malls in Indonesia, with more than 6000 stores displayed on 5 floors, and located in the heart of the city of Jakarta. The Investment Grade Audit carried out within its facilities aimed to identify the potential for energy savings through an assessment and in-depth analysis of their main energy consumers and systems, such as cooling, lighting, pumps and motors.

logo ITC.png

Plaza Indonesia - Jakarta - Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia

GFA 300 000 m² - Project delivery 2017

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs - MVAC system analysis

Plaza Indonesia is an iconic commercial mall located in Jl. Thamrin, in Jakarta. The Detailed Energy Audit carried out at its facilities particularly focused on the Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning (MVAC) system. The aim was to find opportunities for energy and cost savings while maintaining high levels of comfort for the prestigious guests that visit the building: find technical and financial solutions to provide more with less !


Mangga Dua Square - Jakarta - Indonesia

Mangga Dua

GFA 335 000 m2 - Project Delivery 2014

Energy Audit – Environmental and Energy Savings concept and designs

The Detailed Energy Audit carried out at the Mangga Dua Square, in Jakarta, particularly focused on the cooling system of the facility.


The reorganization of the pumping system (initial constant primary / constant secondary loop configuration) and addition of part-load high efficiency chiller units were suggested, with  potential cost savings above 400,000 USD per year, with payback period of 3 years, and which translate to a reduction of energy usage by 25% compared to baseline (cooling plant).


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