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International Contest

"Re-think the City for a Low Carbon Future"

Jakarta, Indonesia

may 2018

This contest aims to develop urban design and architectural design concept for Indonesia and help re-think the city for a low carbon future by questioning the main issues impacting the carbon footprint of the Indonesian cities.

Grand Opening of the Early Childhood Center

Roquemaure, France

september 2017

Green Building has developed a positive energy bioclimatic architecture favoring local bio-sourced materials and innovative construction systems, including a mixed structure and timber frame, insulation walls and roofs in straw boots Gard, green roofs, cladding cedar, interior earth coatings, paint and furniture without VOC ...

Grand Opening of the new school campus

Montreuil France

september 2018

The Marceau school is the new low energy and low carbon school campus in the city of Montreuil, near Paris.

From kindergarten to elementary, students benefit from a  very low Energy through Passive Building 50 kWh/m²/year (-60% with local regulation ) and very low carbon design (0,38 kgCO2 / m²). It also benefits from high quantities of local Bio sourced materials : 20 kg of bio sourced materials) / m²).

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